Armor Down is the ideal platform for sharing integrative techniques with veterans and service members for the following reasons:

Clarity of Mission. The name “Armor Down” derives from terminology used to describe Humvees downrange. Due to the constant threat of IEDs, Humvees were “up-armored” to protect the occupants. This extra armor was extremely heavy, so after the Humvees returned they had to be armored down. For a service member wearing 80 pounds of body armor, the process is no different. Thus, the name alone tells service members and veterans that the challenges they face in transitioning to civilian life are acknowledged and respected.

Easy, Private Access. A problem that must be overcome is the pervasive mindset among military service members that asking for help is a sign of weakness. With its QR code format, Armor Down circumvents this obstacle by allowing anonymous access to free, helpful information that can be viewed privately.

Low Distribution Costs. Because a single QR code can be applied to any number of flyers, brochures, or business cards, disseminating information is inexpensive. Once a flyer has been distributed, the content to which the QR code is linked can be changed quickly and easily, without the need for reprinting and redistributing materials.

Useful Feedback. In the past, there was no simple way to determine the effectiveness of a handout. This is not the case with an Armor Down flyer. Each scan of the QR code generates feedback data concerning time, location, and the smartphone’s operating system. Additional data is captured each time an individual clicks on one of the three partner links or views a partner’s content. Personal feedback from service members is encouraged by links to Facebook and Twitter but can also be solicited on the partner’s website.